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  • Bryan Chan

My MFPC Graduation Encouragement Note

So I recently graduated as a Registered Financial Planner of the Malaysian Financial Planning Council and was asked to pen an encouragement note as the best student for 2021.

So here it is:

When I decided to start out on my RFP journey in 2018, it was merely to understand the inner workings of the financial industry out of a long-time interest and also due to certain unpleasant experiences.

Never did I imagine that fast forward to today, I would have completed the whole program.

Throughout the program, I came to appreciate and realize that this is indeed a very noble profession that a person can take up, especially in today’s world.

It is my hope that the RFP graduates past, present and future that walk down this path, always have their Module 1 – Chapter 1: The Financial Planning Environment, Phenomenon, & Process and Chapter 3: Ethics & Professionalism by their side at all times as a guiding light.

We must dispense advice and products professionally and ethically, and know the impact that we have on others. If I may, I could sum it up as follows:

WHY? Helping others is at the heart of it all. We strive to inspire and empower the people we meet so that they are able to transform their financial situation.

WHAT? We are Qualified, Competent and Current.

HOW? We are Transparent, Professional and Ethical.

It may sound idealistic but as long as we live and carry ourselves this way, we will not stray off too far from the right path while reaping the manifold rewards.

With my 3 pillars of strength and reason.

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